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TPSA Council appointed

Mon, 12 Jun 2017 11:28

Over the last few days, two of the candidates who'd been nominated to serve on the TPSA Council have withdrawn their nomination. Since the TPSA now has five eligible candidates and five open seats, the elections which were to be held next week have been cancelled. All five candidates will automatically be appointed to the TPSA Council to serve from 1 July 2017 through 30 June 2019.

Those candidates are Bruce Schwartz, David Leverington, Robyn D'Allesandro, Sharif Baker and Mark Malherbe.

Candidates whose terms have expired who did not seek re-election are Malcolm Finlay, KG Moima and Jameson Hlongwane. Bruce Schwartz will step down as Council chair at the first meeting of the new Council. He is not eligible for re-election as Council chair but will continue his service on the SACIA Council with a specific emphasis on the development of the TPSA’s Rigging Guide. Additional members can be co-opted by the Council as required. The TPSA Council is responsible for:

(1) developing a long-term strategic vision for the TPSA as a special interest group within SACIA (2) securing the resources required to achieve the Association's mission (3) engaging in outreach programmes and acting as Ambassador's for the TPSA and our industry (4) establishing task groups required to achieve the mission (5) promoting membership within the Association