Take a new look at Sberbank. DIGIS, LANIT and the Microtiles perspective.

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 09:23

Like all good banks, Russia’s Sberbank has always had an eye for the future, having just refurbished its Saint Petersburg HQ entrance with more than eight million pixels from forty-three Christie MicroTiles.

The installation by LANIT Nord-West (part of the LANIT Group), a systems integrator and banking sector specialist, and Christie technology distributor DIGIS, creates a multimedia showstopper for the entrance hall and an effective space for collaboration on the floors above.

The MicroTiles are mounted at varying depths and, head-on, appear to be a large 2D screen; but the changes in perspective become apparent walking past - highlighting content, MicroTiles’ architectural abilities, and a resolution surpassing 4k at 4650 x 1740 pixels.

At Sberbank, MicroTiles prove once again they are not just screens. They go places and create statements others cannot.

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