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Ayrton honoured at LDI 2017 Awards for most creative use of light

Thu, 30 Nov 2017 10:21

Ayrton was delighted and proud to receive the LDI 2017 Award for the Most Creative Use of Light at the LDI Show in Las Vegas.

The Award was presented by the judges for “Ayrton’s cool product presentation that physically re-engages the audience to show their products in a unique setting.” The light show was designed by top lighting designer Cory FitzGerald and programmed by Jason Baeri, and accepted on behalf of the company by Ayrton’s global sales manager, Michael Althaus.

Ayrton, which also celebrates its 15th Anniversary this year, exhibited in spectacular form in a “crystal dome play-zone” that showcased all their latest products, including many making their US debut, such as the new LED spot, Ghibli™.

Visitors were invited to lounge in comfortable gaming chairs that provided the ultimate position in which to relax and enjoy the show. A pyramid composed of two opposing triangles of truss, which carried bars of 30 alternating MagicPanel™-FX and 20 IntelliPix™-XT fixtures, flanked by 10 MagicBlade™-FX rose above attendees. On the opposite sides, were two triangular projection screens used for showing off the gobo projections from the new Ghibli™ LED spot projector, each with a line of 8 NandoBeam™-S9 wash lights at the base and 3 MagicBurst™ graphic strobe units at the pinnacle. In between the triangular sides were four intersecting spines each loaded with four alternating Ghibli and 5 MagicDot™-SX fixtures and edged by 10 Merak™ LED Fresnel fixtures. Central to the pyramid was a bank of 50 new MiniPanel™-FX.

These were the tools that FitzGerald used to create a design so exciting it won not only the LDI Award, but resounding approval from LDI visitors. The show proved itself a fitting showcase to illustrate some of the creative possibilities achievable with the latest lighting fixtures in Ayrton’s portfolio. Pin sharp movement and rapid responses interspersed with dreamy sweeps and washes, and transitions between club-style, geometric shapes and astral twinkles showed some of the sheer variety of looks possible in a visual feast of colour, mood and movement.

“The rig and design was a fun way to show Ayrton off to the American market in a dynamic and ‘real-world’ environment, which visitors seemed to enjoy,” says Althaus. “Cory and Jason did an amazing job with the design and programming, and the layout allowed people to see the show from different angles and perspectives. We presented our customers with something new and made them feel a part of an adventure while they lounged on the booth. It gave visitors a real opportunity to see how unique Ayrton fixtures are, and provided the opportunity for designers to discuss their designs and aspirations directly with the Ayrton team.”

FitzGerald’s award-winning Ayrton design can be viewed at