For Sale

Camera, tripod and accessories

Wed, 04 Nov 2015 12:38

Available to view during office hours only

For sale by Media Company.

Price: R95 000,00

Offer includes listed items:

Panasonic AG- hpx 500e (Body)
Fujinon WCW-H8508X Wide Angle
Fujinon A20X86BRM-5D
Miller ARROW Tripod
Panasonic AJ-PCD 20(5 POT) P2 Card Reader
1xPanasonic P2 E-Series Card 64Gb
1xPanasonic P2 E-Series Card 32Gb
5xPanasonic P2 E-Series Card 16GB
Swit 5c-304 A double battery charger
Swit Batteries x 2
Swit Peg Light (Model: 5-2000 dc 10v-17v, 12w)
Rycote Softie Rifle-Mic with 3metre Sound Cable

Interested buyers can call Rushana on 021 461 3838