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DWR Production Design
20-22 February

DWR Distribution will be offering a training course on production design presented by Joshua Cutts and Christopher Bolton on 20 - 22 February.

DATE: 20 - 22 February

VENUE: DWR, Unit 1, Block C, Kimbult Industrial Park, 9 Zeiss Road, Laserpark, Honeydew

TIME: 9h:00 - 17h:00

COST: R2,800 Including VAT

The exciting three-day course will cover topics such as an Introduction to Design, Hands-on Design Workshop, Console and Layout Planning, Programming for Music, Colour Theory, Networking and Protocols, Media Servers and Show Integration, Pixel Mapping and Timecode Programming. As leaders in their field, Josh and Chris will also share programming tips and tricks.

For more information and to register, kindly follow provided link: