Apex Pro, the South African distributor of ETC Lighting, hosted a talk with Anne Valentino at the Market Square Auditorium on 13 June. The event was attended by an impressive number of young lighting designers, who were treated to a two-hour long presentation on the philosophies behind the development of modern lighting control consoles.

Valentino spoke with Pro-Systems Africa News following the presentation and shared with us her extraordinary professional journey in entertainment technology, spanning some 30 years. During her career, Valentino has taken the lead in developing some of the most renowned lighting controllers to enter the market and has been a true trail-blazer in the evolution of digitised lighting control.

Despite advances in gender equality over the past two decades, one cannot deny that the manufacturing and technology fields remain largely dominated by men. Valentino has set herself apart not simply as an outstanding woman but, more importantly, as an outstanding innovator and thought– a leader among her peers on the global stage.

In recognition of National Women’s Day, the July/August edition of Pro-Systems Africa News will feature a comprehensive profile highlighting Valentino’s professional journey, personal challenges and enormous accomplishments. In addition, we would like to take the opportunity to celebrate the wide range of South African women who are making their mark felt in entertainment technology and AV integration throughout the month of August. Please, can you contact me at editor@pro-systems.co.za with your nominations for women in the industry that you feel deserve some recognition during this campaign?

Please keep in mind that it is not only the most prolific designers or prominent engineers that make a difference in the industry. There are some fantastic women that make their presence felt in a number unobtrusive but critical ways, or have established themselves in the industry despite enormous adversity, and we would like to hear about them all.

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