Earlier this year, TV Audio announced that it had been awarded the agency to import and distribute the full range of FBT professional audio products for the South African Market. Following the successful arrival of new FBT products in South Africa, TV Audio managing director, Peter Berry and his team hosted a launch event at Constantia Hotel and Conference Centre Halfway House on 11 July.

The great sound quality of FBT’s line array was demonstrated at the event with a live performance from one of South Africa’s longest-lived and most legendary rock bands, WONDERboom.  The TV Audio team used the opportunity to provide guests with an impressive light show, showcasing the notable versatility of the Beamz Lighting fixtures, together with some stunning special effects, including CO2 and confetti cannons by MagixFX, which the company also distributes.

Berry and his team went to enormous lengths to deliver a product launch that would leave a lasting impression on attendees. “This is perhaps one of the biggest launch events that we have ever done, and it is such a pleasure to see our many associates in the industry enjoying the range of FBT products that we have imported for distribution,” Berry commented to Pro-Systems.

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