One of the leading rental companies in Johannesburg, Sound Stylists, has added the Powersoft’s X8 Dante amplifiers to their pro-audio inventory.

The X-series has a number of unique features which makes it a system engineers dream including pre-sets for 27 different speaker brands, with a total of 1155 pre-sets models from the 27 brands.

The power ratings are also something to behold with a total power of 40,000 watts over 8 channels in a 2 u chassis. Each channel is capable of 1600, 3000, and 5200 watts per channel respectively into 8/4 and 2ohm loads, with all channels driven.

The versatility doesn’t stop there, it can run single phase, bi-phase and 3-phase, just with the change of a cable. It can run on 3 phase power even with the loss of a neutral, and can receive up to 400 volts with no issues.

This unique power supply is ideal for use in situations where the power supply is erratic or inconsistent which gives you complete peace-of-mind that the audio system will run smoothly, in any given situation.

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