Leading French manufacturer, L-Acoustics has added to its reputation for building the audio technology that shapes the future of the audio industry with the launch of the new L-ISA – Immersive Sound Art technology.

Established in London in 2014 by L-Acoustics founder Dr Christian Heil, L-ISA is L-Acoustics’ immersive sound brand. The L-IAS introduces new hardware and software tools – including the P1 networked digital audio processor, that will make it easy for L-Acoustics partners to realise optimised performance for their L-Acoustics systems.

L-Acoustics also announced the launch of new features for its 3D real-time acoustical simulation programme, Soundvision. The Autosplay feature allows sound designers to define their target SPL along the audience and Autosplay will rapidly calculate the optimal speaker angles. Once speaker hangs are defined, Autofilter applies DSP settings to ensure the system is further optimised for even, clear coverage through any venue.

The company also launched real-time systems control and monitoring software, LA Network Manager, which sees the addition of Autoalign to automatically calculate proposed relative delay and polarity for complementary systems like subwoofers and fills. Once in live mode, the new Autoclimate tool integrates temperature and humidity information from sensors on the P1 AVB processor and allows the user to adapt the system response to changing atmospheric conditions, without revisiting prior workflow steps.

Kindly visit www.l-acoustics.com for more information.


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