Aspen Dental at leadership retreat with AV Stumpfl

Impact Communications helped its client Aspen Dental create an unforgettable leadership retreat in Arizona (USA), featuring AV Stumpfl’s RAW media server systems.

Digital Projection brings London’s Mail Rail to life at the Postal Museum

Now, thanks to Digital Projection’s award-winning laser projection systems, Mail Rail has been transformed into an exceptional and unique visitor attraction, preserving this important piece of British history and sharing it with generations to come via an immersive, innovative and impactful exhibition.

Panzeri enters the world of smart living with Jackie IoT

The lamp becomes a device for the Internet of Things, financed by the Region of Lombardy

MAC Encore Performance; Compact, lightweight and whisper-silent

Martin MAC Encore for corporate applications

Martin by HARMAN facilitates interactive media facades

Martin Exterior PixLine 20 convert department store facades into artistic, urban fix points that support corporate branding and engage passersby.

ETC adds features to Unison Echo systems

ETC has upgraded the software for its Unison Echo® products, adding powerful new capabilities to the architectural control system.

Leviton appoints new distributor

Leviton is the largest privately held manufacturing company of electrical lighting equipment in North America, has recently appointed Stage Audio Works as their primary sub-Saharan distributor. Leviton prides itself as the smart choice for creating...

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